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惡劣天氣安排 Inclement weather arrangement


1. 天文台發出紅色暴雨警告信號 / 1號颱風 / 3號颱風,本中心所有課程如常進行。 家長請按各區實際情況自行決定是否出席課堂,如有需要請於當日致電本中心請假可獲補堂安排。

2. 天文台發出黑色暴雨警告信號 / 八號或以上颱風, 本中心將暫停服務,直至該信 號解除後三小時回復正常。

3. 若八號以上颱風或黑色暴雨警告於下午二時後解除,中心當天所有服務暫停。

4. 所有因惡劣天氣而取消的課堂均可獲補堂或順延。



When the Observatory announces that a typhoon or rainstorm warning signal has been hoisted, the services of the center will have the following arrangements:

  1. When Red rainstorm / Typhoon No. 1 / Typhoon No. 3 warning signal is issued by the Observatory, all courses of the center proceed as usual. Parents, please decide whether to attend the class according to the actual situation in each district. If necessary,please call the center on the same day to ask for leave to get a make-up arrangement.
  2. If the Observatory issues a Black rainstorm / Typhoon No. 8 warning signal or above, all services will be suspended until three hours after the removal of the above signal.
  3. If the Typhoon No. 8 / Black rainstorm warning signal is lifted after 2 pm, all services will be suspended on that day.
  4. All courses cancelled due to bad weather can be made up or postponed

The center will not give any notice regarding the above arrangements.

During periods of extreme weather, please pay attention to the latest news from the Observatory.